February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  In honor of this, we want to offer a 10% discount off of dental cleanings and oral xrays for your pet's dental.  Your pet's dental health is important to us and extending their quality of life.  Call us today to schedule your pet's dental for February!

(Note: This discount does not apply to the total invoice or to examinations, bloodwork, tooth extractions, anesthesia, or medications)


Read about our updated vaccine protocols for your cat in our most recent blog: Feline Vaccine Protocols

Stay tuned for our next blog posting about "Dental Disease and Your Pet".



Do you remember how your son’s eyes lit up when his new puppy licked his face? Or how careful you were to choose the right kitten for your daughter's birthday?

We at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic have special memories about our favorite pets, and appreciate the importance of that relationship. As fellow animal lovers, we are committed to ensuring unsurpassed support, information and services for your companions.

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