It is time for our Annual Toy and Treat drive for the Mat-Su Animal Shelter!

Last year, we had great success from our wonderful clients donating toys, treats, food and bedding to help those animals in need that have to spend the holidays in the shelter.  We hope we can top that this year!  

Please help us in providing wonderful gifts and treats for the pets spending the holidays in the shelter and for needed items to house them.  If you would like to make a donation, please bring items to All Creatures Veterinary Clinic.  Donated items will be distributed to the shelter animals the week of Christmas.  

Thank you so much for your wonderful help! We have such amazing and caring clients for their pets and we want to extend this kindness to those animals who haven't found a loving home yet.  

Here is a list of items that the shelter requests:

  1. Towels and blankets (used for bedding and to warm patients up following anesthetic procedures)
  2. Cat cubes
  3. Black Kongs (huge hit with the dogs)
  4. Dog collars with buckles
  5. Puppy Chew Rings
  6. Comfy cones (these are sold at pet stores or you can buy one from our clinic and donate this)
  7. Tennis balls
  8. Stretch and Scratch for cats (go to
  9. Chicken or turkey baby food (for tiny kittens)
  10. Pate type cat food (we have good knowledge that Costco sells a variety pack of this type of food for cheap)
  11. Paper French Fry/Nacho trays (again, Costco has a large pack for very cheap - great way to feed wet food to animals)
  12. Milkbones of all sizes for dogs
  13. Greenies (all sizes and also Greenies treats for cats)
  14. Grocery store gift cards for exotic pets - the shelter also takes care of many reptiles (turtles, iguanas, and geckos) and rodents (from rabbits and guinea pigs to rats).  These animals need more extensive diets than dry dog and cat food and much of their diet needs to be fresh veggies - gift cards will allow the shelter to buy fresh veggies for wonderful treats for these unique animals.  
  15. Chuck-its
  16. Turtle basking platforms
  17. Reptile food dishes
  18. Dog treats - yummy chummies, beggin strips, pupperonis
  19. Catnip Mice 
  20. Crinkle balls for cats

Another great tip is that many of the pet stores and online retailers such as Amazon have amazing deals on toys and treats for pets during the Black Friday extravaganza.  

If you have any questions, please call our clinic at 907-376-7930 or stop by our office.  Thank you!